The Unstable Ground: 

self-directed research & installation, graduation project MIARD, 2021
WdKA Master Research Award 2021 Nominee
group show The In-Between: MIARD21’ Graduation Show, Rotterdam.
Published on the MIARD archive.

Welcome to the thickness of the horizon line, the space of shifting wetness, mud. Here everything becomes slippery, slimy, and ungraspable. Solid, clear-cut boundaries collapse. It is neither solid, nor liquid, but in constant flow. Everything becomes situated, embodied, temporal and ever-changing. It becomes formless unknowable matter shifting between stages of water and land.

The installation becomes the shifting space of mud. Within each structure, a different instance of the complex assemblage of the muddy unstable ground is revealed. The ground becomes a verticality through which one becomes transported, looking up to see yet another ground. A ground that is unstable, moving, shifting, liquifying space. Where the thickness of the horizon line is unraveled, where our position in space, on the seemingly stable ground, is shifted, disrupted. The ground and, by consequence, space are understood as unstable and constantly moving; therefore, they no longer appear static but begin to fluctuate. The terrestrial and the aquatic are no longer understood as binaries separate from each other but begin to form a hybrid temporal materiality in which one is submerged into an unresolved unstable cycle.

© Eva Garibaldi 2023