︎︎︎ The Stones Only Appear
to Be Non-Living

︎︎︎ The River Knows

Swamp_Matter motivated by a passion for exploring the complexities and mysteries of unstable landscapes. Their work is driven by a deep curiosity about the relationship between humans and nature, and the ways in which this relationship is constantly evolving. Through their projects, Swamp_Matter seeks to challenge the perception of unstable landscapes as stagnant and lifeless places, and instead, highlight the rich biodiversity and ecological significance of these often-overlooked environments such as swamps, caves, river deltas etc. Their practice is heavily informed by research and fieldwork, as they seek to uncover the unique stories and vernacular knowledge of local communities and ecosystems.


︎︎︎ Eva Garibaldi
︎︎︎ Ana Laura Richter

Stage III: 60 years
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