object design, 2021
Young Balkan Designers 2022 Winner. Exhibited in Milan Design Week 2022 (IT)

Elena is a minimal raw metal candle holder crafted with a straightforward design language and multifunctional use in mind.

Elena, Greek form of Helen, shining light. The object becomes a center piece of the table, illuminating its surroundings. It allows to be used to either hold a single candle, for a more intimate experience, or tri-candle arrangement - a candelabra, for more illumination.

The object is designed with consideration of the carbon footprint and circular economy, crafted using smaller metal piping cut-off pieces from production processes, that would otherwise go to waste. It has great potential in establishing a circular production network. The object is crafted with rational production in mind, requiring a minimal amount of actions: four cuts and four welds. Additionally, the piece is finished using only a top coat to prevent oxidation.

Stage III: 60 years
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